Elaine DeCoursey, Painter

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Lilacs, Ornamental Gardens.jpg
Spring Trees, Ornamental Garden.jpg
Ganden Gardens Flower Rows.jpg
Elaine DeCoursey - Courtyard, Bytowne Market.jpg
Sunnyside at Riverdale.jpg

On - Site Mixed Media Sketches


Artist Bio

A Visual Exploration of Ideas

I started painting in 2002.  Trained as an architect, I had done a lot of drawing, but it was only when I started painting with my young daughters that I became a painter. I started with flowers in watercolours and acrylics. After awhile, I started painting farmers markets and residential scenes on site. Currently, I am working with varying scenes and lighting conditions that transform ordinary scenes into something remarkable. 



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Ottawa, ON, Canada

(613) 730-3105

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“A painted surface is a real, living form.”

Kazimir Malevich